Voicu: Sad story, happy ending!

26 Dec, 2015

Voicu: Sad story, happy ending!

Voicu Adopted Kitayama copy

Voicu, the wonderful dog with a sad story, has found his happily ever after! He is from Romania where someone tried to hang him with rope. Fortunately the rope broke and he survived but the rope cut deep into his neck and Voicu developed a bad infection. He wandered the streets where people would chase him away because they didn’t want a stray dog around with a disgusting wound. Voicu was finally found by someone who cared and brought to a shelter where he had surgery and was given a chance to heal.

Now for the best part – Voicu found his forever home here in Luxembourg. Mme. Kitayama fell in love with his big furry face and decided to give him a second chance at happiness. Voicu now spends his days running around in the big backyard and playing with his new best friend!  We are so happy that this wonderful boy finally is getting to live the life he deserves. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, Mme. Kitayama!

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