Month: December 2019

31 Dec, 2019

12 year old Pamacs finds a home!

How is this for great news to end the year: Pamacs is adopted! At 12 years old, Pamacs ended up at the shelter because his owner could no longer care for him. Everyone was worried how this little, old dog would endure the harsh Hungarian winter in an outdoor shelter –  but Mme. Manon Ackermann […]

30 Dec, 2019

Pixie’s luck finally changes!

GIVE US A VOICE is happy to report that Pixie is adopted! This poor girl was found chained up in the yard of an abandoned house, without food or water. Luckily she was rescued and taken to a shelter. Her luck continued to get better when she was adopted by Mme. Ioana Zamfir and Mr. […]

27 Dec, 2019

Noé wins at life!

Great news, Noé is adopted! Noé was originally found on the streets of Hungary with an injured leg that require a couple of surgeries. While he healed, he waited and waited for a family to call his own. Luckily for him, he caught the eye of Mr. & Mme. Wallerang-Bönner who decided to open up […]

17 Dec, 2019

Fudge finds a family!

Great news, Fudge is adopted! This sweet boy came all the way from the streets of Italy and is now living the good life with his new family. GIVE US A VOICE would like to give a big THANK YOU to the Bintener family for giving Fudge a chance to grow up in a loving […]

10 Dec, 2019

Raphaela & Valentina get to stay together forever!

GIVE US A VOICE has great news to report: Valentina and Raphaela are adopted! Originally the Guirlinger family decided to adopt Valentina but when they came to pick her up, they learned her sister, Raphaela, was the only puppy that didn’t find a home. So, this wonderful family decided to adopt her too!!!  We would […]

3 Dec, 2019

Donations to Hungary and Bosnia

Thanks to our wonderful members we were recently able to make donations to shelters in Hungary and Bosnia. The food, blankets, toys and medicine will help dogs like Budy and Misa get through the cold winter a little bit more comfortably. We would like to thank our members for their continued generosity that allows us […]