Month: November 2017

29 Nov, 2017

Lexi finds love!

Lexi lived on a rooftop in all kinds of weather for over three years before being dumped off at a dog shelter in Malta. Fortunately she caught the eye of Mr. Jean-Paul Threinen who decided to open his heart and his home to this lovely girl. For the first time, Lexi has the warm, comfort […]

23 Nov, 2017

Milky finds a home!

Hooray for little Milky! This cute little guy was found abandoned behind a milk factory before being rescued. He now has a wonderful home with the Schwickerath family who decided to open up their hearts and their home to the lovely boy. GIVE US A VOICE would like to give a big THANK YOU to […]

22 Nov, 2017

Mogli gets a new life!

Mogli spent three years locked in a barn, with no love and no life. Thankfully he was rescued and adopted by the wonderful Biwer family. We are thrilled Mogli found the loving home he deserves! GIVE US A VOICE would like to give a big THANK YOU to the Biwer family for deciding to adopt […]

20 Nov, 2017

Lily finds love!

Great news to start off the week – Lily is adopted! Lily was waiting for a second chance at a shelter in Bosnia before the Caly Nilles family came to her rescue. This lucky girl traveled a long way but it was totally worth it because she ended up in the perfect home.  Overnight she […]

6 Nov, 2017

Alice in wonderland!

Alice in wonderland! This little cutie was waiting at a shelter in Malta after being abandoned on the streets. Luckily for her, she caught the eye of the Aguilar Rivera family who decided to welcome her into their home. Alice has come a long way for love and she found it! GIVE US A VOICE […]