Month: February 2021

26 Feb, 2021

Big Ole Lilo gets a big chance!

GIVE US A VOICE is thrilled to report that Lilo is adopted! In his previous life, Lilo lived in an apartment in Bosnia and when he grew too big, his owner abandoned him at a shelter. Poor Lilo waited a very long time for a second chance…but it came! This lucky boy was adopted by […]

25 Feb, 2021

Jezzie is “the ONE”!

It is a sad statistic that black dogs have one of the hardest times making it out of the shelter, who are often passed over for adoption in favor of lighter-colored dogs. That is why poor Jezzie, a beautiful black dog, spent most of her life short life at a shelter in Hungary. She happened […]

23 Feb, 2021

David gets his day!

Great news: David is adopted! This little cutie was born on the streets before being brought to the shelter. His life turned around when he got the chance of a lifetime and was adopted by the wonderful Mme. Fischer Fürwentsches! GIVE US A VOICE would like to give a big THANK YOU to Mme. Fischer […]

22 Feb, 2021

Aladdin gets his wish!

Aladdin was adopted as a puppy in a shelter in Hungary before being returned. What did he do wrong? He acted like a puppy and did what puppies do!  Poor Aladdin had to grow up in the shelter and waited almost a year before he caught the eye and the heart of Mme. Leonie Weirig-Schambourg […]

22 Feb, 2021

Piggy: Before and After

When Piggy was first surrendered to our association, we were a bit worried. He was out of control, unkempt and would attack without provocation. We could not even touch him without having to count our fingers to make sure they were all still there. It was obvious he had suffered serious trauma in his life […]

19 Feb, 2021

BIG-UPS for Bruno!

How about some good news to take us into the weekend: Bruno is adopted! This adorable guy went from being a pound puppy to full-fledged member of the Ceccato family. GIVE US A VOICE would like to give a big THANK YOU to this wonderful family for deciding to adopt and not shop. We know […]

18 Feb, 2021

Jigsaw was the missing piece!

GIVE US A VOICE has great news to report: Jigsaw is adopted! This little cutie hit the jackpot when he was adopted by the wonderful Ward family. This shelter pup turned forever furry family member is getting all the love he could ask for and more. We would like to give a big THANK YOU […]

17 Feb, 2021

A second chance for Abby

Abby survived on the streets of Hungary for a long time before being brought to a shelter. She was passed over again and again because she was shy and “a plain brown dog”. We think she is beautiful and thankfully so did Ms. Christine Kremer who decided to open up her heart and her home […]

16 Feb, 2021

Ava finds happiness

GIVE US A VOICE is thrilled to announce that Ava is adopted! This cutie was rescued from a kill shelter in Hungary before making her way to Luxembourg and into her new, forever home. We would like to give a big THANK YOU to the lovely Morais family for giving this sweet girl a second […]