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17 Jun, 2024

Snoopy comes back to life

We have AMAZING news to share: Snoopy is adopted!!! We are thrilled when any dog gets adopted but every now and then one just tugs at our hearts a little harder. Snoopy was found on the streets of Malta after he had been shot. His poor little body was riddled with bullets and he was […]

5 Jun, 2024

Bella: Before and After

Have we got some great news for you: BELLA IS ADOPTED! Bella used to live on a farm, attached to a short chain and was severely, severely neglected for almost 10 years. She had an injury to her ear that was so infected with worms and maggots that it was practically hanging off. Thankfully, she […]

12 Oct, 2022

Queenie gets the royal treatment!

Wonderful news, Queenie is adopted! Queenie was one of 15 dogs confiscated from a horrible and abusive breeder by animal control. Queenie got the chance of a lifetime when she was adopted by the amazing Mme. Martine Brandenburger. Now Queenie is living the dream and getting the love and life that she deserves. GIVE US […]

20 Sep, 2022

A big WIN for Tin-Tin!

Check out Tin-Tin on this transformation Tuesday! Tin-Tin, the “tripod”, came from a shelter in Bosnia. As we all know, shelter dogs have a very difficult time finding homes, especially black dogs and handicap dog. So, Tin-Tin had a lot stacked against him – he is black and only has three legs – but he […]

31 Aug, 2022

Hope: Before and After

  Check out this before and after! A few years ago, Hope was found chained up in a field in Hungary, with no food, water or shelter from the blazing sun. She was abandoned and left to die a cruel and horrible death by her former owner – who was known to do this in […]

25 May, 2022

A little TLC for Mika

Mila was found abandoned on the street with a rotting tail and in a tremendous amount of pain. Her tail was amputated and we found her the perfect home to heal her body and her spirit. Check out her after photos – a loving home does wonders for the soul. Hooray for Mila!