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12 Oct, 2022

Queenie gets the royal treatment!

Wonderful news, Queenie is adopted! Queenie was one of 15 dogs confiscated from a horrible and abusive breeder by animal control. Queenie got the chance of a lifetime when she was adopted by the amazing Mme. Martine Brandenburger. Now Queenie is living the dream and getting the love and life that she deserves. GIVE US […]

20 Sep, 2022

A big WIN for Tin-Tin!

Check out Tin-Tin on this transformation Tuesday! Tin-Tin, the “tripod”, came from a shelter in Bosnia. As we all know, shelter dogs have a very difficult time finding homes, especially black dogs and handicap dog. So, Tin-Tin had a lot stacked against him – he is black and only has three legs – but he […]

31 Aug, 2022

Hope: Before and After

  Check out this before and after! A few years ago, Hope was found chained up in a field in Hungary, with no food, water or shelter from the blazing sun. She was abandoned and left to die a cruel and horrible death by her former owner – who was known to do this in […]

25 May, 2022

A little TLC for Mika

Mila was found abandoned on the street with a rotting tail and in a tremendous amount of pain. Her tail was amputated and we found her the perfect home to heal her body and her spirit. Check out her after photos – a loving home does wonders for the soul. Hooray for Mila!

2 Jul, 2021

Timo: Before & After

Timo was confiscated from his previous owner by animal welfare. He was in really rough shape but look at him now – he looks like a completely different dog! It is amazing what a loving home can do for a dog’s body and soul. We are so happy that Timo is finally getting the wonderful […]

15 Jun, 2021

Mulan: Before and After

How about this for a transformation?!  Mulan had a rough start to life but it got infinitely better when she found a forever home. It is amazing what love can do for the soul. Saving one dog won’t change the world but the world will surely change for that one dog.