Month: February 2023

13 Feb, 2023

Lissa find her happily ever after!

Super, wonderful, amazing news: Lissa is adopted! Lissa was confiscated from a horrible and abusive breeder by animal control, along with 15 other dogs. She was kept in horrible conditions and severely neglected. This sweet girl got the second chance of a lifetime when she was adopted by the big-hearted Mme. Denise Heusbourg. GIVE US […]

8 Feb, 2023

Bobby gets a new lease on life!

  GIVE US A VOICE has great news to report: Bobby is adopted! Bobby was found abandoned on the streets. He is an older dog and was in pretty rough shape and after further inspection, it was discovered he was deaf. The poor guy waited at the shelter a long time for a second chance. […]

7 Feb, 2023

Petzi wins at life!

Great news to report: Petzi is adopted! This lovely little dog waited and waited in a shelter for a second chance. His life changed in the most amazing way when he caught the eye of Ms. Janine Glodt who decided to welcome him home with open arms. GIVE US A VOICE would like to give […]

6 Feb, 2023

Lucky gets, well, lucky!

GIVE US A VOICE has great news to report: Lucky is adopted! Lucky definitely earned his name after he was found in distress by animal lovers. He got the help he needed and then he found a forever home! We would like to give a big THANK YOU to the Verbeek family for deciding to […]

2 Feb, 2023

No more cold winters for Heidi!

Great news: Heidi is adopted!!! This lovely girl came from Hungary where she went from one shelter to the next in hopes of finding a home. She had a hard time during the winters where she would shake uncontrollably from the freezing cold temperatures despite how much straw was in her kennel. Heidi was saved […]

1 Feb, 2023

Chill’s life just got super cool!

GIVE US A VOICE is thrilled to announce that Chill is adopted! This beautiful girl was brought to a shelter in Hungary with her puppies. Her babies grew up and were adopted but Chill remained behind and waited for her chance at a new life. Along came Mme. Marriette Barredo who decided to make Chill’s […]