Mesi finds love!

11 Jul, 2017

Mesi finds love!

A few months ago we posted a picture of little Mesi. She was living on the streets of Hungary, struggling to find food for herself and her puppy. One day she was found badly injured on the side of the road, hit by a car and left for dead. An animal lover brought her to a shelter for rehabilitation but sadly her puppy was never found. Mesi was diagnosed as blind, maybe from the accident or some other previous trauma. After all this sad news, it time that Mesi got some good news, and boy did she ever!

GIVE US A VOICE is beside ourselves with joy to announce : MESI IS ADOPTED! Mesi became a member of the Dostert-Fiedler family and we can’t thank them enough for opening up their hearts to this special dog. It takes a heart of gold to adopt a special needs dog but we know that Mesi will let you know how grateful she is each and every day. A million thanks to this wonderful family!

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