GIVE US A VOICE thanks Finn Schmit!!!

28 Dec, 2017

GIVE US A VOICE thanks Finn Schmit!!!

(Lëtzebuergesch – English)

E super Geste vum Finn Schmit deen keen Kaddo fir Chrëschtdag wollt, mee dofir seng Suen un GIVE US A VOICE LËTZEBUERG iwwerreecht huet fir den Deieren an Nout ze hëllefen. BRAVO LÉIWEN FINN, du bass een fantasteschen Mënsch!

Instead of presents and toys this Christmas, Finn Schmit asked for money to donate to GIVE US A VOICE. We are all extremely honored and humbled by this young man’s incredible and noble gesture. Finn’s family already has two rescue dogs from our association, Sabih and Pinky, and now with this donation, he can help many more dogs in need. GIVE US A VOICE would like to give a great big THANK YOU to Finn Schmit.  You are an amazing boy!!!!

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