GIVE US A VOICE says goodbye to Basko…

3 May, 2017

GIVE US A VOICE says goodbye to Basko…

GIVE US A VOICE is sad to report the passing of the beloved Basko.


Basko first came to our attention when a member called to tell us about a severely neglected dog in France. He was locked in a cage for practically his entire life and fed nothing but bread. Because of his owners disregard for him, he had a severe ear and eye infection, a skin disease and several cancerous tumors growing on his body. GIVE US A VOICE decided to rescue him from this horrible situation and get him back to health.


Since Basko was been rescued, he has been staying in a foster home with Mme. Tania Ney. For the first time in his life Basko got to know what is was like to have a home, family and love. GIVE US A VOICE would like to give a huge THANK YOU to Mme. Ney for taking such good care of Basko and for loving him until the end of his days. No one could change Basko’s past but Mme. Ney changed his future and showed him how wonderful life could be.

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