Emma: Before and After

8 Aug, 2017

Emma: Before and After

It has been a year since GIVE US A VOICE rescued over 55 dogs from a Romanian kill shelter. Emma (formerly known as Cairo) was one of the first dogs we saw on our visit to that place of horrors. We immediately fell in love with her big brown eyes that seemed to beg us to take her away from that awful place.

She was very friendly right from the start, but also filthy, skinny and missing a large patch of fur on her back leg. And, like all the dogs in that shelter, she was just days away from being euthanized. Luckily we were able to get her out and get her to Luxembourg where she was adopted by the amazing Frantzen family. It is not hard to see what this family’s love did for Emma’s soul – she looks amazing, her fur has grown back and she is able to run free and play like she was destined to do.

It is dogs like Emma, and countless others that have found their happiness, that make all the blood, sweat and tears of this wild ride of animal rescue completely worth it. A big thanks to the Frantzen family for giving a shelter dog a second chance and for loving her like you do.

If you are interested in giving a dog a second chance, please contact GIVE US A VOICE at +352 671 140 001.

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