Update: Alma is coming to Luxembourg!

10 Feb, 2015

Update: Alma is coming to Luxembourg!

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When Alma was found on the street, she was severely dehydrated, skinny and had a huge chain fixed on her neck.  Upon being rescued, she collapsed from exhaustion and malnourishment.  She was taken to the Anahi animal shelter where they cut off the enormous chain around her neck and gave her the nourishment she so desperately needed.  After some tender love and care she is doing much better.  Give Us A Voice president, Daniel Frères, saw her at Anahi and instantly fell in love.  He made a personal donation to fund a surgery to remove some of the many tumors that were growing on her stomach.  We are happy to announce that Alma is well enough to travel and will be arriving in Luxembourg on February 11th!  She is one step closer to her forever home. Check back for more Alma Updates.

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