Aladin learns to walk…and finds a loving home!

13 Sep, 2017

Aladin learns to walk…and finds a loving home!

We believe all adoptions are special but there are some so great they make your heart want to burst with joy. Aladin is one of these special adoptions!

Aladin is from Hungary and was in a terrible accident that left his spinal cord badly damaged. He was unable to move and was left on the side of the road to die. Fortunately, he was rescued and with the help, dedication and perseverance of loving caretakers, he slowly relearned how to walk.

Months went by, Aladin found his smile and became a happy dog. He caught the eye of the Silva-Klopp family who saw his photo and fell in love. After hearing his story and about his incredible desire to live, they decided that he was definitely “the one”.  GIVE US A VOICE would like to give a huge THANK YOU to the Silva-Klopp family for welcoming Aladin into their home with open arms. They did not let his troubled medical past or permanent limp get in the way of their decision, in fact, it might have helped make the decision easier for them. For that, we thank you!  We are thrilled Aladin got a second chance at life and now has a loving home to spend the rest of his days!


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