Balou: I once was lost, but now I’m found!

20 May, 2015

Balou: I once was lost, but now I’m found!

On May 15th, a cat was found in the cellar of an abandoned house. It was scared, terribly skinny and so happy to be found. It turns out that this cat was named Balou, he had been missing for 5 weeks and his family was heartbroken. Thanks to the network of the Give Us A Voice family, we were able to locate Balou’s family within an hour of finding him. Balou had to spend some days at the vet’s office getting healthy before being reunited with his family but we are happy he is safe.  A big thanks to Steffi, Balou’s savoir!

Lost now found! copy

Balou and his family

Dem Balou seng Famill ass dem Steffi merci soen komm. No 5 laange Wochen huet d’Steffi den Balou an engem Keller fonnt an direkt matgeholl. Kanner hun sech natierlech immens driwwer gefreet den Balou nees fonnt ze hun esou wéi d’Elteren och. Den Balou ass den Ament nach beim Veterinär wou en sech oppäpellen léisst fir nees séier gesond ze ginn.

We were thrilled to receive a visit from the family of Balou, the cat who was missing for 5 weeks and found in the cellar of an abandoned house last Friday. The children were so thankful, they even brought gifts for their cat savoir, Steffi! Balou is currently recovering at the animal hospital and is getting better everyday. We wish Balou a speedy recovery so he can rejoin his family soon!

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