Welcome Home Alma!!!

13 Feb, 2015

Welcome Home Alma!!!

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We are happy to announce the safe arrival of Alma from Sociedad Protectora de Animales Anahi in Gran Canaria, Spain. She arrived late last night, sleepy but happy, to a warm welcoming committee. She was even greeted by her old dog shelter neighbor, Arte, and his new family!

We would like to thank the wonderful people at Anahi for rescuing Alma, getting her the medical attention she needed and most importantly giving her the love she deserved. We would also like to thank Claudia Marques and Xavier Bombardier for taking Alma with them on their flight from Gran Canaria to Luxembourg. Lastly, we sincerely appreciate the help of Sales-Lenz with transportation of Alma’s awkwardly large dog box!

With the kindness and generosity of all of these people, Alma made it to her new home and her second chance at life starts NOW!

We are excited for Alma to start her new life as a Luxembourger and more importantly as a happy dog in a forever home.

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